Why Become a Rideshare Driver in Australia?

Multiple Platforms

You have the freedom to drive for multiple rideshare platforms such as DiDi, Ola, and Uber. This can help maximize your income.

Automatic GPS Navigation

Get accurate directions around your city with easy to follow navigation. Choose different navigation systems built into the driver App.

Riders Are Registered

Every rider is registered with each rideshare platform and rated by the driver. So you’ll always know the name & rating of every rider.

Be Your Own Boss

You’re the boss and in full control. This is your business and you get to decide how hard you want to work at it.

Flexible Schedule

Decide when to start and stop work, with no set hours day or night. It’s entirely up to you how often you want to drive and earn.

Get Paid Weekly

All driving fares are deposited into your bank account on a weekly basis. Track all your earnings in the driver app.

Driver Requirements

Guaranteed Money

GET PAID DAILY or WEEKLY. Make as much money as you need by driving the hours you set. The rideshare app handles all trip calculations and payments within the app. All you have to do is drive.

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

Create Profile

Provide some basic information about yourself and what type of vehicle you drive. Meet the requirements for your city/region and Uber will create a driver profile for you.

Upload Documents

Provide proof of your driving licence, car registration and car insurance. You can do this by either uploading to your new Uber Profile or by visiting an Uber Green Light center.

Download App

As soon as Uber has activated you as an official Uber Driver, you’ll be working as an independent contractor with the technology and fare-paying customers provided to you by Uber.

Get Started Now

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