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9 Awesome Rideshare Driver Tips

This post will give you the heads-up on how you can earn even more money as a ride-share driver.

As you’ve probably heard, being a ride-share driver has the potential to make you lots of money.

Whether you’re just driving in your spare time or treating it as a full-time job, the following 9 rideshare driver tips will help you up your ride-sharing game and work smarter not harder,

Tip 1 – Do Your Research

Before I started driving, I watched countless YouTube videos and carried out extensive Google searches to find out more about ridesharing in Australia.

There are several good YouTube channels created by rideshare drivers. The Rideshare Guy and Uber Man are 2 of my favorite YouTube channels. These guys provide a real insight into what it is like driving and how to increase your profits whilst keeping your costs low.

As you will see they are based in the US, however, most of the advice given also applies to drivers here in Australia. Most of the rideshare platforms use the same app system no matter where you drive, just the rider and driver dynamics will vary from city to city.

Tip 2 – Become a Rider

Sign up for a Rider account on the ride share platform(s) that you will be driving on.

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Next, take a few trips as a rider which will give you valuable insights into how rideshare driver’s work and communicates with their riders. You can make a mental note of what extras were offered (water, mints, route preference, music choice etc) and how the general conversation went during the ride.

Tip 3 – Check Your Insurance

Make sure that your car insurance policy will cover you as a ride share driver because not all Australian insurance companies will provide cover for this.

Allianz InsuranceNRMA Insurance and RAA (South Australia) provide car insurance policies specifically designed for ride share drivers.

You can also compare car insurance prices and get a quote from those cute little Meerkats at https://www.comparethemarket.com.au/car-insurance/

Tip 4 – Keep Good Records

Operating as a ride share driver is not a hobby, its a real business. As such you’ll have certain Tax liabilities such as paying GST and calculating how much mileage and expenses you can claim.

A quick heads-up from your accountant will see that you get all your Tax liabilities sorted before you start. Also your accountant can advise what records you should be keeping so that you can deduct your mileage and vehicle costs.

Keeping track of all vehicle expenses and mileage will help reduce your taxable income and put more money in your pocket come tax time.

Tip 5 – Drive In Surge

Know the beat of your city. Find out what areas are busy and surging at certain times of the day and night.

If the rush hour runs from 4pm to 7pm in your city, keep that in mind. Perhaps the Airport is busy between 5pm and 8pm. Check your local airport flight app for flight arrivals, departures and delays so you can be there at the right time.

Driving in surge pricing can increase your profits and allow you to work less hours for more money.

Tip 6 – Water And Mints

By having some water and mints available for your riders will make them more appreciative and likely to give you a 5-star rating.

I offer water and mints to most riders. The only exception is if its a very short trip because I’ve found that 9 times out of 10 they will decline the offer, probably because they are so close to their destination.

However, if a rider asks for water or mints then I always give!

If its a hot day, then I will always offer water. Also I ask the rider if they prefer windows or aircon!

At time of writing this post, The Reject Shop sells 405g bags of individually wrapped Mentos Mints for $3.85. Coles and Woollies sell 24 small bottles of water for around $6.

Tip 7 – Drive Less

Driving around aimlessly chasing business or high-demand surge areas rarely works and just burns more fuel.

Try to find a good spot that you know will be busy or surging at a particular time of the day.

Also I tend not to drive more than 10 minutes for a fare. I learnt the hard way on that one; drove 20 minutes to pick up a rider who wanted to do a Macca’s run 2 km’s down the road! Total 4km’s plus wait time, so after costs I was lucky to make anything on that fare.

Tip 8 – Rider Music Choice

I always ask riders if they have a radio station preference or if they would like to play their own music on their phone via my car stereo Aux cord or Bluetooth connection.

Tip 9 – Use The Rider App

By using the relevant Rider app, for the rideshare platform that you are driving on, you can see how many other drivers are in your area and find those areas that have fewer cars. Also you can use the rider app to strategically position your car away from other drivers.

Less cars = less competition and a higher chance of surge if its a known busy area.

If the area you are in is swarming with other drivers then consider moving out. Before you move out, check if there’s any concert or sporting event on in the area which could explain why there are so many drivers.

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Click Here to Create an Uber Driver Profile


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